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The trend of women’s maternity dresses started in western culture.

In roughly the 1800s, the trend of hiding the pregnancy began to get lessened. Women started to open the seams in their outfit so that the changes in the body don’t affect comfort.

The men’s western suits have not undergone considerable changes compared to women’s western clothes.

Cowgirl Dresses
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In the beginning, women started wearing waistcoats, other jackets, and other clothing for these purposes, but eventually, many changes were made to the dresses for pregnancy.

In those times, pregnancy clothes were unique and had a touch of the clothing style of that time. Similarly, modern dressing also has a feel of all the modern-day styles.

You can have motherhood jeans and tops, maxi, sheer, half sleeves, full sleeves, cut-shoulder, lace, wrap, and many other dresses.

Western Dresses – What are they?

The unique thing about western clothes is that they come in the styles worn these days. These have simple adjustments for the body changes during pregnancy.

The modern western touch can be found in all of these. Like the roll cowgirl jeans, leggings and shirts can be bought in mom-to-be versions and are classic examples of western dress

Western culture embraced that there is nothing to hide in pregnancy, and it is a natural process.

They made outfits with modern fabrics that can stretch according to the growth of the body, maintaining an excellent tight look. 

Cowgirl dresses give stylish looks and bright colors to let the women have the fashion they usually do on normal days. 

How Western Dresses differ from others?

The fundamental difference between cowgirl dresses and other dresses is that these don’t try to hide the bump and other enlarged body parts.

These have fittings that show “the woman is pregnant.” Due to such tight nature, the sizing guides are needed before buying these. 

These apparel follow the traditional western styles of dresses and have adjustments to fit the enlarged body.

These are for the western women who have to work for a couple of weeks before leave and also have to look impeccable.

How to wear Western clothes?

Western dresses are very good-looking, but you must consider some things for wearing them.

These are not as simple as wearing a sports bra and leggings. 

You have to pick the right fabric for you. These attires are tight and stylish, so the right material is important for comfort.

Wear attire that is based on the style that you usually wear.

Your body shape is essential for wearing these.

Women have different body textures, so the one that suits you must be worn.

The size of the outfit must be according to the body as if you need plus size dress, then buy only that one or else they will not suit you. Read about Goddess pregnancy dresses.

Occasions they can be worn

Western dresses are designed according to different designs for different purposes. The chic western dressing is famous these days. 

Workplace western dresses are a little formal and get along well. You can wear them to work and maintain excellent and fresh looks.

Mum-to-be clothes for every occasion are there. Different designs are available in the market for various parties.

Cocktail dresses are there for cocktail parties, baby shower dresses for a baby shower, and other theme-based party dresses are also there.

Western pregnancy clothing

Who can wear them?

Pregnant women from any profession can wear these.

Western military uniforms are available in pregnancy versions; some judicial outfits are of these patterns.

Homemakers and working women of all professions can get these according to their needs. 

Accessories that go with them

All the western women’s accessories that include adjustable belts, handbags of various types like saddle pads, jewelry, and sunglasses can be worn with these types of dresses to give better looks and carry the style you always had.

You can carry a cell phone in your hand also. Along with these, shoes are essential to maintain a good look. 


Western dresses have a lot more value than the other ones. These are designed specially by following celebrity clothing trends.

Different clothes of different styles have different price ranges starting from the $$ range to the $$$$ range.

Designer-based dresses that are unique usually cost a lot more than the ones that are made in thousands.

Things to consider before buying Cowgirl outfits

Since these dresses are of the new styles, many things must be considered before buying these.

Consider your body curves and choose accordingly.

Consider the amount of money you have to invest in it.

The style that you usually carry is the best one.

Nothing too stylish and tight is right.

Accessories that you already have should go well with these.

Can these be worn later on?

The most straightforward answer to that is usually no.

These will never look good on you on ordinary days and make you look bulky.

These can be worn after a short time of pregnancy in which the body is regaining its shape. Some of these are good for the days you will breastfeed your baby.

At what stage of pregnancy do they suit you the most?

These can be worn at every stage of the pregnancy as they come in various sizes. 

Usually, it is recommended that usual clothes are used in the 1st trimester, and onwards you can have these to-be-mum dresses.

These will look good when the bump grows and you fit in the suit. If these remain loose, then the looks you have in them are not that good.

What colors are they mostly available in?

Pregnancy dresses

Blue, pink, and other dark and light colors are more available than those made from mixtures of many solid colors.

White and black dresses look beautiful for photoshoots, especially the ones that intend to capture the home décor along with the dress.

They are suitable for which season? 

You can get them for all the seasons, but as the temperature is usually cold in those areas, the best variety comes for the winters.

These are suitable for the season they are made for. 


  • Available in a wide variety.
  • Many styles are available easily in many colors.
  • Stylish modern looks.
  • Super comfortable.
  • These flatter the figure of females more than other types. 
  • These give women sexy looks. 


  • These may not be comfortable for some people. 
  • They are considered unethical in some cultures.
  • Femininity is exposed more.
  • Tight dresses may be harmful to the fetus.
  • The body is exposed to the hygiene can’t be maintained as it can be kept in other dresses.

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