Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Review

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Finding a perfect and right stroller for all the parents to be or expecting another baby can be slightly tough, but the Cybex Gazelle S Stroller has made life easy.

Cybex comes with a great concept, well-engineered with a modern design to full fill the entire requirement.

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About Cybex: Cybex is a German brand founded in 2005 by Martin Pos. The concept of Cybex was to manufacture baby gear products that are well-engineered and innovative with all safety factors taken into consideration.

The brand has become a number one leader in providing the finest product for the baby with the best safety and super functional qualities in pushchairs, carriers, and car seats.

Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Review

This Cybex Gazelle S stroller comes with a lot of comfort and can accommodate one in many ways. It can be used as a stroller for the baby with a detachable shopping basket, with a huge under-seat space.

The wheels assemble, and the steering wheel s lock, which comes with it, makes it super easy to handle on the roads, park walks, or any daytime trip with your child.

Your child will super enjoy the trip in a fully relaxed state in his padded seat or with the world-facing position, which reclines fully, with a sunroof over it, to protect the child from any weather conditions.

As you and your family grow, Gazelle’s S pushchair grows too. Its features make it unique amongst all the available ones in the market.

With little to no additional cost, it can easily accommodate your second child with the necessary space adjustments.

The most user-friendly and hassle-free features make it super easy to turn the single pushchair into a twin stroller to fit two babies.

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The sliding seat flips easily over the lower adaptor and turns it into a double-seat pram with lots of storage space.

Such and a few more features with double adjustable seats for two babies on board make it a super long, heavy, and maneuverable stroller. And a must-buy product.

Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Features

Cybex Gazelle S Stroller

Structure & Design:

As you unbox the Cybex Gazelle S pushchair, you can feel the weight of it. But it is worth having such weight, but not that heavy, super light, and durable as it can board two toddlers of up to 22kg in each seat and can store 23kgs of weight in its storage section.

Due to its premium design, it’s made of a sturdy aluminum frame available in various colors navy, grey, black, and taupe. And its design and structure allow it to stand for this much weight with a light, sleek and refined design.

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In 65cm in length and 44cm wide looks very wide as a city stroller but comes with the following items:

  • Chunky wheels.
  • Shopping basket with carrying removable handle.
  • Lie flat seat with rain cover.
  • Integrated sliding adaptors come in three different seat heights and several seating arrangements.
Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Food Basket


Cybex Gazelle S pushchair comes in four rubber pairs of the steering wheel like any other pushchair, black with large rear wheels with the front pneumatic wheel.

The front and the back wheels not only support the weight but also give a comfortable ride with the suspensions and shock absorption installed.

Due to this, it gives a less bumpy, super soft, comfortable ride on roads, on hard or soft pavements, and is very easily steerable along the roads or in tight corners.

Foot Brake:

A brake pedal is installed on the right rear side of the wheels. A toe tap function brakes are incorporated to fully stop the pushchair from moving around when not needed.

Its flick and release action style brakes release and stops the pushchair with the sign appearing on the handle with a color code green (brake released) and red (brake engaged).

Adjustable Handlebar:

Like many other features and configurations added, it makes it a more sophisticated smooth finish product.

The handle is shielded in leather-type material, which gives a super firm grip while strolling around and is easily pushable with one hand.

Plus, an adjustable handlebar comes with a palm control, making it super stress-free to handle. Its extendable feature makes it adjust the size between 100cm to 110cm or any required height.

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Gazelle S hood:

Protecting the child from extreme sunlight or harsh weather is important to protect them, especially strolling them out. For this, the best thing is to use a hood or canopy, a breathable one.

In this, the manufacturer provides an extra-large canopy or hood to cover the entire area of both the seats and shield your little one from sunlight, rain, or dust.

It has a great viewing facility for the baby on board to enjoy and with very good ventilation.

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Seating Arrangements:

Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Configurations

Gazelle’s S stroller is not only a pram or a stroller. It’s a complete package for you and your child. It does worth buying invest not only expecting a single child or a second, expecting or having twins.

It has, in total, 20 configuration setting controls that come along, with just little adjustments to make, which can be converted into many styles, and shapes. It can be converted from a carrycot to a car seat to a pram for two toddlers.

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The Gazelle S pushchair, as we said, is not only the pushchair. It has a lot to offer.

One of the main features is that it converts able to a carrycot. It can easily be converted into a carrycot and used for the infant. The 43cm deep sides are perfect for laying down.

You’re newly born to up to 9kgs in weight. The deep line and the extendable hood are perfect to cocoon the baby from outside elements, whether outside or placing it at home.

For Twin infants:

Cybex Gazelle S Dual Stroller Review

As said early, due to its unique features, it not only holds a single infant, but two can easily fit in its lower and upper portion. In these two portions, one can easily fit two newborns.

The place and the size of each upper and lower portion perfectly allow holding two infants up to 9kgs in its 43cm deep sides.

The positions and the marking of adaptors allow you to frame the carrycot at different levels by keeping one at the highest level and the other carrycot or car seat or a seat at the bottom frame.

This gives a lot of margin in carrying two infants, one baby, one baby, and a kid of another age.

Car Seat Compatibility:

Due to its flexibility, it converts the table and simply changeable property, allowing you to use it as a car seat. You must detach it from the stroller and attach it to the car seat adapters.

For this, you must have a car seat adaptor, get it fixed, buckle it up, keep the baby safe on the road, and enjoy the trip. And in a car, it can easily recline to flat and be used like in a stroller.

Seat Adjustment:

When you buy the pushchair, it comes with the seat, which is adjustable, along with the detachable shopping basket and some more storage options.

With this, we have an option to operate with a single seat or double seat. And both the seats are adjustable, covert able, and detachable, with multiple features available.

The seats are comfortable, spacious, and large, along with the hood, which is big enough to cover the child well, with proper ventilation and a great view.

As mentioned, it can accommodate two toddlers easily with no hassle with complete safety and protection. The child and the parents can easily roam around without fuse or discomfort.

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Both the seats come with an option to recline fully. Whether you use it as a carrycot, car seat, or in a pram, your child can get as comfortable as possible for its max rest or some extra sleeping time or enjoy the trip or a view.

The more added benefit is the positioning of seats. Either way, it can be adjusted to the side facing forward, backward/parent facing, or inward-facing.

This can be done by removing it from the frame with the help of buttons available and sliding the adaptor to desired selection place, securing it, and enjoying quality time with your kids.

Leg Room:

It not only provides the comfort and the option of two seats, but it also provides extra leg room for the child.

The adjustable leg room option allows you to get the extra length to the seats, where the kid can hang down their legs to the footrest area.

Extra Storage:

Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Under Basked For Extra Storage

The pushchair not only accommodates two toddlers but gives you the additional benefit of having some extra storage.

The pram comes with two storage options one is the basket, and the other is at the bottom level or the under-seat level. Both can carry a good amount of weight in them.

The under-seat comes with more space and holding options up to 13kilos, where large items can be placed under.

The removable basket can hold up to 10kilos of weight but only when the single-seat is placed, not with a two-seat option.

The basket comes with a handle which is quite helpful in lifting off and carrying out for shopping when needed or just to put some of your basic items in it like wallet, phone, child stuff, and extra.

In total, it allows you to hold 23kilos of weight easily in it with your child with the comfort of roaming around in the city or placing some necessary stuff for your kid.

Folding Gazelle S:

Cybex Gazelle S Stroller Compact Fold

Gazelle S pram looks big and huge with much available space and options. While it provides many benefits of comfort, it also benefits easy folding. It’s just super easy.

The fold is done with the help of a few buttons, as instructed in the manual. It gets folded with or without the seats in a very compatible way. What you need to is:

  1. Lock the wheels
  2. With the handlebar and the white release button on the left, press.
  3. Apply a little pressure downward on the handlebar, and it will fold it down.

No need to remove the seats. Just recline upward-facing and fold and lock them after.

It’s very easy, but the child, on the other hand, has to be care full with this one. To unfold, unclip the locks and pull the handlebar upward.

When folded, it only left with this much measurement (W65CM * H86CM* D35CM)

How suitable can Gazelle S be in Public?

A pushchair which is 65cm tall and 45cm wide gives an impression it’s too big to handle in daily life like roaming around, going shopping, at parks, malls, restaurants, grocery stores, airport train stations, bus terminals, hospitals, and clinics which is not but in few places it might be.

Like getting into public transport, train door or access areas, or subway trains, because of the limited door width available, a door of at least 81cm can easily be let in and passed through with no hurdle.

Where it can’t be there, it has to get folded and let yourself in with the baby and the pushchair.

Worth buying:

The price it offers and what all comes with it is a great deal of investment with 20 configuration settings, is worth buying for the price. It’s easily convertible from single to double mode with a good space option.

It will cost you under a thousand bucks on Amazon in four colors (Sohogrey, Navy blue, deep black, classic beige) options with style options.

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Compared with other pushchairs in the market, it comes with great ease and comfort with 20 configuration settings. This is easily transferable, convert able, and molded into any shape and size n required.

It comes with great benefits with a very great investment. Both can fit in if one expects a newborn, a twin, or a second child.

It grows as your family grows. It s adaptable, practical, and spacious. It can carry a newborn if it s used as a carrycot at home or in a pushchair when used in a single mode with a basket option.

In a dual mode, it can carry two toddlers in a full recline state or chair shape with a footrest and allows you to interact and steer it easily. With a good foldable option and easily fits anywhere.

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The modern, sleek stroller of Cybex Gazal S gives the complete comfort level in every way.

Its frame, fabric material used in seats and canopies followed by the harness attached, the leatherette handlebar with taupe-tinted aluminum structure gives a perfectly unique and modern design stroller.

With all safety features, whether to transform it into a single or double seat stroller. The wheels and the suspension truly value the comfortable ride for kids and to steer in the city.

The canopy provides perfect protection to your child from rain or sunlight with an extra-large removable shade with UPF50++ property. With easily foldable and resemble function.

Pros and Cons


In short, it’s one of the best products to buy with so much to offer at this price tag.

It offers great comfort with 24 different seat configurations for the child if it’s on a single or double mode, with great folding and unfolding option, and easily fit in where you like.

Maneuverability is best on any pavement, whether on-road, in parks, or on soft or hard pavement, with great style and durability.


It s huge and sometimes difficult to steer only with two seat options or certain seat positions and a wide wheelbase.


ModelGazelle S
Width65 cm (25.60 inches)
Height100 cm (39.37 inch) – 110 cm (43.31 inches)
Depth93 cm (36.61 inch) – 106 cm (41.73 inches)
Weight12.6 kg (27.78 lbs)
Height86 cm (33.86 inches)
Depth35 cm (13.78 inches)
Warranty2 years
Max Weight23 kg (50.71 lbs)
Pushchair Features
Foam Filled Tyres✔️

Final Words

Gazelle S Stroller is the best stroller in town. This Gazelle S stroller is an all-terrain stroller, so it can handle almost any terrain, whether grass, gravel, or rough road.

It has sure-grip wheels and a locking front swivel wheel to keep your baby safe and comfortable. Soft cushioning provides extra comfort for your child, no matter what position they are seated in.

It also has a huge under-seat storage basket, so you can bring everything you need!

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We’ve given you all the hard details. We hope you’ve enjoyed the Cybex Gazelle S Stroller review!

If you have any questions or comments about the Gazelle S, please leave them below in the comments section, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. I hope you have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much legroom is there for the toddler seating option?

With the regular front seat back, it sits 8.5 inches from the lip of the seat to the tip end of the vehicle’s flooring and 9.5 inches from the frontal edge to the footrest.

Can we recline the seat?

Yes, the seats are reclinable.


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