20 True Facts About Single Parenting

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Single parenting can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. These 20 facts will show you the reality of single parenthood and how there are so many people to help you out.

Single Parent

20 Single Parenting Facts

1. Dating and single parenting don’t mix

It takes an awful lot of energy to date and takes care of kids. It’s hard for a parent to find the time to do both, and most likely it won’t work out. You can either keep dating or look after your children; choose one.

2. Parenting skills are needed

Not only are you raising your children alone, but you need to help them deal with being raised by just one parent. This situation is different from other homes so they’ll have questions about why their mom or dad isn’t around anymore. More importantly, they want to know that you’re not going anywhere because that means losing another person they love.

3. Money problems don’t go away

There’s no partner to split bills with, and now your family is on one income. This means that you’ll be struggling a lot more than before but it’s completely worth it.

4. You spend a lot of time alone

Since there’s nobody else in the house, if you work full-time you’ll probably come home to an empty house every day after work. There’s no significant other around to discuss your day with or someone to greet you at the door when you get home from work at night.

5. Your kids are always watching

Your children are learning how to live without their dad or mom around, so they need someone to turn to for help or reassurance about what’s happening in their life. Sometimes it can feel like you’re all alone, but they need a parent to look up to and learn from more than ever.

6. Life can get lonely

You may find yourself stepping out on your own when it comes to social gatherings, which usually involve meeting someone new. This situation can be tough because not only are you worrying about how your children are adjusting in their lives but you also have to work on finding time for yourself without giving up something in return. The solution is simple: set limits and stick to them!

7. It’s hard not having an equal partner around

There’s no one else there who can take care of half the responsibilities in the house so everything falls on you in the end. As much as it takes two people to raise children, it takes just one person to clean up the mess that’s left behind.

8. Your kids probably act differently

Your children may act much differently than they did before when their dad or mom was still around. This behavior can be frustrating because you want them to be the same happy-go-lucky kids but there are things in life they have yet to learn about and experience which will make them grow up faster.

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9. Children adapt better than adults do

While children adapt more easily to not having a father or mother around, adults often struggle with these changes rather than working through them together. The best thing you can do is surround yourself with friends who are going through similar struggles since sharing can help you cope better with your new life.

10. Sleepless nights are the worst

There’s no one to help with night feeds or give advice on how to raise your children, which can make for some very difficult nights. You may not know what you’re doing wrong but there always seems like there’s something wrong with their behavior and it doesn’t seem like changing any time soon.

11. Coping is hard work

Coping with being a single parent is probably the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do since you have no support from anyone who has been through this situation before. It takes a lot of patience, courage, and strength just to deal with the ups and downs that come along with parenting!

12. You can’t be everything to everyone

You have to realize that you can’t be everything to your children because they need a father or mother figure around. You’ll never be able to give them all of the love and attention they need but it’s enough just being there for them.

13. It’s difficult seeing other happy families

It may become hard seeing happy parents with their kids, which makes you want something more out of life. Take comfort in knowing that this is an opportunity to take some time away from children so that you can focus on giving yourself what you deserve as well!

14. It takes work to keep going

There will always be days where you feel like giving up, but don’t let those moments take over because tomorrow is a new day! There’s no way to get out of this process without putting in some hard work and you’ll be surprised at how strong you are when it’s all said and done.

15. You love your children more than anyone else

Parenting is tough because there are days where you feel like giving up, but don’t let those moments take over because tomorrow is a new day! There’s no way to get out of this process without putting in some hard work and you’ll be surprised at how strong you are when it’s all said and done.

16. You have nothing in common with your kids’ other parent

It may become difficult getting along with the other parent who has custody because you don’t have much in common. While you’re not meant to be best friends, you should at least respect them as the other parent of your child.

17. It’s hard having a love life

Many parents fear that they won’t ever fall in love again or have a healthy relationship, which can make things difficult. You’ll find it hard going through this process without anyone there to support you, especially someone who understands all of the stuff you’ve been going through!

18. Accepting help isn’t easy for most people

It may become frustrating knowing that asking for help isn’t as simple as pie because accepting such kindness can be difficult. People will offer their services but many don’t expect anything in return which is why it feels so wrong to accept such kindness!

19. Single parenting is a thankless job

Being a single parent indeed comes with no benefits and you’ll never feel like you’ve done enough or even be able to pay someone back for all of the help they offered. You do it because it’s what your children need right now and one day you can return the favor!

20. It feels good when others respect you

You may not be sure if your children are influencing other people’s opinions of who you are as a person but those doubts will disappear once people start respecting your decisions as a parent. You may not think much about what others say, but having their support means everything in this process!


Single-parenting can be a thankless job and it often feels like you’re doing everything on your own. But there are many benefits to being the sole caregiver of your children, such as feeling proud for making this difficult decision or having all of their attention devoted to yourself. It may not always feel easy but take comfort in knowing that other parents have been through what you’re going through too!

Remember if anyone offers help to accept it because they will probably never ask anything from you in return – which is why most people find accepting kindness so hard. If things get tough, remember that no matter how much time passes by, one day you’ll be able to pay someone back for the help they offered when those times were so dark.


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