5 Best Baby Monitor Cameras of 2020

Baby Awake Baby Monitor

God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers’ but mothers could not be everywhere and so they made a baby monitor! As parents of a little one, it obviously will be your wish to always keep a close eye on your baby. At work, out for a grocery spree, or even just in another room … Read more

How to Teach a Child to Read at Home?

Teach your Child to Read at Home

It’s every parent’s dream to see their child become a competent reader. Unfortunately, most parents underestimate the power of parental involvement in shaping a child’s reading skills. They end up leaving their children to read on their own. This could be unintentional due to a lack of knowledge on proper teaching strategies, or they just believe it’s … Read more

Is Homeschooling a Viable Option During and Post COVID-19?

Homeschooling during COVID-19

Most governments gave directives for schools and colleges to adopt e-learning in response to the suspension of in-person teaching during the Coronavirus pandemic. Parents are now asked to manage their kids’ lesson plans and activities, but not necessarily teaching. For most parents who are used to homeschooling, they have less to worry about. A variety of reasons … Read more

What is Phonics? And how it helps your kid’s reading and writing skills?

What is Phonics and how it helps you child to read and write?

Phonics is a method of teaching how to read and spell by relating spoken sounds called phonemes and written letters, letter clusters, or syllables called graphemes. The correspondence between graphemes and phonemes is called the alphabetic code. Over the years, phonic-based instruction has been credited as the foundation for acquiring reading and literacy skills. It has led to … Read more

Identification Custom Embroidered Patches for Kids

Identification Custom Embroidered Patches for Kids

Often, we assume identification tags should be used mainly by corporate workers in offices. While this is true, it isn’t entirely correct because not only you as a corporate worker need an identification tag, your baby boy or girl who is in preschool might even need it more than you do. You’ll wonder and ask why? … Read more