Top 10 Places to Take Your Kid When They Turn 10

Updated: September 14, 2021 | Published:

There are so many fun things to do in this world that will make your child feel like they’ve seen it all before. We’ve collected a list of the top 10 places for when your kid turns 10 to make sure they feel like they’re in and out and on their way before it’s too late.

The Airport

Kids love airports when their parents are there to take them on an adventure, but the real fun begins when they’re alone in an airport. There’s nothing quite like being in an international terminal having just missed your flight because you were playing with the free Q-tips in the departure lounge bathroom.

A Haunted House

It doesn’t matter what type of haunted house. An abandoned one, a corporate chain store, or even one in an abandoned corporate chain store, there’s nothing more terrifying than being stuck somewhere with your parents during this event.

McDonald’s Playplace at 2 am

Nothing beats the excitement of throwing balls into nets that are much too high to reach. Kids love the idea of climbing around on a structure but usually don’t enjoy it as much as their parents would like them too.

The Car Research and Review Show

There’s nothing more exciting than watching your parent sit through an hour and forty-five minutes about the latest and greatest cars and trucks on the market.

Your child will be so excited to watch hours of infomercials about the coolest cars they’ve ever seen, but it’s even better because these are ones you can actually buy!

The Museum

How many times has your kid told you they wanted to go to this one museum? Finally, their chance has come, and now all you have to do is pay the fee and sit through hours of your child asking if they can simply play on their phone or tablet in that obscure room with all the bones in it.

A Concert


Who doesn’t remember when you first saw live music? Kids love concerts, but only because they haven’t seen them yet so they think it’s awesome. However, when they get stuck watching the guitar player change his strings for an hour and forty-five minutes while their parents scream obscenities at each other because Daddy wanted to go see the drummer’s solo but Mummy insisted on staying where she was so she could have her own drum solo which didn’t happen by the way since she had to leave in the middle because her feet hurt.

When your child’s friends are over to play – Kids love playing with other kids, but when they want to play something you’ve never heard of or would prefer them not to, it becomes awkward and suddenly you wish they would go home because all their games make you feel like a bad parent.

The Doctor

Here’s another visit to the pediatrician that turns into a trip to your local fun zone when you find out that every vaccine they take is only $5 and comes with an ice cream cone at Wegman’s down the street!

Your Car

Kids love cars, especially when their parents are driving them somewhere like to the park for instance, but it’s even more fun when they can sit on their own without having to be told no by an adult who simply doesn’t understand the value of throwing old McDonald’s french fries around someone else’s car.

Almost everywhere

Being 10 is awesome! Kids love it when they can do pretty much whatever they want. When you ask them to clean their room, for instance, they laugh and say ‘I’m almost 11’. See? You’re never too old to enjoy childhood!

Kids are simple creatures. They don’t want expensive gifts or trips around the world. All they really want is to be treated as an adult when it’s convenient for their parents which is why, if you truly love your children, you shouldn’t wait to take them places like these until they’re in their teens and can go by themselves because then they’d appreciate it a lot more.

Your kids might think they want expensive gifts or trips around the world, but we all know that truth to be told, they’re just lazy and would rather you do all the work for them. So get out there and take your kid to one of these places today!


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