Best Ways to Get Original Clothes for Your Kids

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Shopping for kids can be fun or stressful, depending on what you are looking for and even how recently you just bought new clothes that they already grew out of! Not only do you have to worry about whether or not the clothes will last or if your kids will outgrow them, but you also worry about whether or not they are going to wear them.

When you find original clothing that your kids love, it makes things so much easier! Fortunately, you do not have to break the bank, go searching all over town, or spend a whole day shopping to find great clothes that your kids will enjoy wearing. All it takes is knowing where you can find the best stuff or make it yourself!

Join Your Local Gifting Economy

How would you like to get all of your new clothes for free? It isn’t a crazy dream. Gifting economies have started popping up, especially in 2020 when families strapped for cash and losing their businesses were still able to get the things they needed from their neighbors.

In a gifting economy, different individuals exchange items at a value that they determine. Let’s say that you need a certain appliance to make a certain meal, and a mom in your neighborhood needs child care for an afternoon. If the two parties agree on the exchange, then you save money on an appliance you will only use once, and your neighbor saves on child care. You can either borrow or make a permanent exchange with others.

Gifting economies are great for exchanging clothes with neighbors. If you have little ones and then it is very likely that you have neighbors who also have kids about your age. All parents know how much space old clothes could take up and how nice it is when they are finally out-of-the-way and gone. So check out who is in your community. You may end up exchanging a lot more things and upgrading more than just your closet!

Make Custom T-Shirts For Your Kids

Instead of going out and trying to find clothing at a store or through your neighbors, you can get creative at home and create custom T-shirts that you know your children will love because the designs will be based on what you know they like. In fact, you can even create T-shirts that they have designed! Children love wearing clothing that expresses who they are and their individuality. Printing your own custom T-shirts has never been easier and more affordable.

Designing A Custom T-Shirt

You already do so much for your kids as the adult in their lives, so why not leave some of the decisions for them? Allowing your children to be part of the decision-making process when designing their own custom T-shirts is fun for your family. In fact, you can even make this an annual tradition, with each T-shirt signifying a new age.

One day you’ll be able to look back on all of the T-shirts that they created throughout their childhood since it goes by so fast! Those T-shirts are memories of who they were at that specific time, what interested them, and what their personal style was. They are not only fantastic to wear now but are a great way to save memories.

Happy Girl in Blue T-shirt

Ideas for custom T-shirts can come from anywhere. Your children can choose to base their design on a favorite character from a TV show or storybook, from a favorite place that they visited, or drawing a picture using only their three favorite colors.

In fact, if you are having some difficulty with coming up with a design, then think more simplistically. By limiting the number of colors that you use to ones that complement each other or best suit the design, you can ensure that you will love it when you see it on a T-shirt!

Custom all the rage because you can create your own design or use a design that a friend or one of your children has made. The thing about making custom T-shirts that people like is that the designs do not necessarily have to be very complex. Sometimes a simple phrase with the right typography is just enough.

Making Money Selling Custom T-shirts

More people are becoming interested in printing their own custom t-shirts and becoming an entrepreneur. Printing your own custom shirts has never been more affordable. For an extremely low start-up cost, you can develop your own T-shirt business where you sell shirts to men, women, and children and can start seeing profits immediately.

Check Out An Arts Fair

You may be living with all sorts of creative people in your community who make and sell clothing and accessories for fun. Check local listings online and in your newspaper for art fairs in your area. You may be able to find unique items no one else has!

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