The Curious Case of Tennis Bracelets: How Chris Evert Made Tennis Bracelets a Statement

Tennis Bracelets

Have you ever seen a girl wearing an extremely dainty diamond bracelet that looked super classy and elegant on her? That, my friends, is what they call a tennis bracelet. If you haven’t seen it in person, you might have come across one while jewelry shopping or scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest pages. Not only … Read more

Unique Ideas To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Unique Ideas To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Time travels so fast when you’re in the moment, having fun, and savoring every single minute you have with your partner. Eventually, both of you won’t notice how you’re about to celebrate another 12 additional months of your relationship. Anniversaries are one of the occasions that most married couples look forward to celebrating every year.  … Read more

Why are Mosaic Tiles So Expensive?

Mosaic Tiles

Tiles are the most common construction materials all over the world. Every tile has its own specialty and functionalities. They can effortlessly beautify a space in no time. It is one of the best materials to consider your home decor. They can be pretty flexible and versatile to work with. Most often, they serve multipurpose. … Read more

Best iPhone case with shoulder strap

iPhone Case Shoulder Strap

It’s no secret that women love their iPhone. iPhone has undergone a beautiful evolution phase. From higher capacity battery power to larger screen size, the new iPhone have it all. Apple iPhone has taken a long journey and embedded its place in our hearts. Although it has found its place in our hearts, it struggles … Read more