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Navigating motherhood in today’s hectic environment, where taking a moment to breathe seems like a luxury, can be particularly daunting for first-time mums. The challenges are compounded by the limited support networks many women face, a deluge of parenting books, each claiming to have the definitive approach and a vast array of products marketed as essentials for new mothers.

This overwhelming situation highlights the importance of having a practical and straightforward list of baby things for first-time mums to help simplify and clarify the essentials needed for this new and exciting journey.

First Time Mom

To help you feel a bit more organized and less stressed this season we’ve put together a list of things we think every new mother should own. This article is by no means conclusive so please use the comment section below to add your own suggestions and our team will add them.

List of Baby Things for First Time Mum (Baby Shopping List for First Time Moms)


An Almirah is nothing but an enclosed cupboard with shelves inside. They’re excellent storage spaces for clothes and other baby paraphernalia. Most Almirahs come with a hanging rod that’s perfect for keeping all your saris, tops, pants, etc. Look out for one without too many knobs or handles that can hurt your baby while playing around it.

Baby Clothes

You’ll need at least three sets of everything your baby will wear, especially diapers. If you have a boy, two sets of clothes won’t cut it! It’s safe to go for 100% cotton material as the skin breathes better and keeps any rashes at bay.

Baby Food

It isn’t advisable to feed your baby with regular food because it can cause serious health problems such as food poisoning or gastrointestinal issues. Get the right baby food supplements and prepare them before your little one arrives.

Baby Food Supplements

It can be very expensive if you choose to buy these often for your newborn. You should stock up on them and use them when necessary, especially during emergencies like sudden food allergies, etc.

Baby Toys

These are very essential for babies since most of them need constant entertainment or they could become upset easily. Having a few toys at home will help calm them down and keep them happy.


These are very good for babies who are not old enough to move around their cribs. This means that parents will have to pick up their baby whenever she decides to cry, especially during the night hours. It also keeps them warm and protected.


For families who want that old-school feel, a cradle is an excellent choice for baby girls and boys alike. It’s very convenient because you can place the cradle in any room of your home without having to worry about finding space for it. The main advantage of using a cradle is that the parents won’t have to carry their newborn around all night long whenever she cries during sleeping hours.


You will need to buy one or two crib(s) that meet current safety standards for your future baby. If you are considering co-sleeping where the baby will be sleeping next to you in your bed, prepare a firm mattress to place on top of your bed or get a co-sleeper instead. Either way, you will need to provide firm mattresses especially since babies could suffocate if they are not lying flat on the cribs or the beds.

Diaper Bag

Elephant Diaper Backpack Bag

A diaper bag is another great item to get. It doesn’t matter what type of baby shower you will be attending, most guests usually bring gifts for the new parents along with supplies for the baby whether it’s formula or diapers. Get a large diaper bag that can carry all of these items and more like toys, clothes, etc.

Diaper Disposal System (A must for First Time Mom)

This type of system is helpful because it keeps the house clean and free of any odors. This is ideal for new parents who will be up during the night to tend to their baby’s needs. It is also great if your family members and guests prefer not to have smelly diapers lying around the house especially in high traffic areas such as living rooms, kitchens, or dining areas.


It’s a good idea to get an e-reader for new parents because it can let them read their favorite books on the go without having to carry several books with them like traditional reading. E-readers are very light and easy to carry around, and some of them even have family-friendly games that parents and their children could enjoy together.

Family Board Games

Regardless of the baby shower theme, most people bring board games that are suitable for all ages. If you want to be unique, then get a family-oriented game that everyone could join in. It is also fun if the new parents can engage with their guests who will likely be offering gifts during the baby shower event.

Family Photo Albums

New parents usually keep several photos of their families, especially now that digital cameras are available. Get an album to put all your favorite baby shower pictures so you can show them off to your friends and family who couldn’t attend the event. It is very important to have a physical photo album since most cell phones cannot store high-resolution pictures that are suitable for printing.

Family Tree

It’s a good idea to get someone working in arts and crafts to create a family tree, especially if you’re getting married soon and adding the baby girl or boy to your new family. This will be very helpful if you have several family members who always ask about how large the new family is.

Family/Parents Gifts (Baby Shower Themed)

This is one of the most popular items to get during baby showers because it’s very useful for new parents who will appreciate anything that new family members or friends bring them as gifts, especially if they are useful and helpful supplies for their child(ren).

Gender-Neutral Clothing

If the baby shower you are attending has a gender-neutral theme, then it’s best to get clothing with neutral colors for your baby. It doesn’t matter what color the dad prefers because most people go with unisex outfits regardless of their preferred sex.

Herbal Teas

Get herbal teas that can be used by pregnant women or new mothers to treat their morning sickness. These teas are usually safe for everyone to drink, including children in case the new parents prefer giving herbal drinks to their kids instead of artificial options in stores.


For families that want to ensure that their newborn will have a place where she can relax and eat her food, a high chair is an excellent choice. This is especially true if you have other children at home who will also be needing your attention whenever they are hungry or need something to drink.

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Hospital Bag

You will need to prepare a hospital bag for when your baby arrives, especially if you’re due anytime soon. Include several sets of clothes, a toothbrush & toothpaste, contact lens wetting solution, glasses or sunglasses depending on your preferred style, underwear, and bras for the mom-to-be if she wants to look nice after giving birth.

Infant Car Seat

Everyone should have at least one infant car seat in their house because it is very important to keep newborns safe and secure whenever they’re in the car. Even if the baby’s parents might prefer to hold her for a long journey, it is important to have an infant car seat that she can relax and sleep without getting disturbed by the motion of moving vehicles.

Infant Carrier/Bag

Keeping your newborn with you all the time might be difficult since you need to do other tasks such as cooking, cleaning, shopping for groceries, and other household items. This is the time when most parents use an infant carrier or bag to keep their babies safe wherever they go. Keep in mind that not all carriers are suitable for newborns because they might be too small or not have enough room to move around.

Infant Medicine

Newborns have weak immune systems which means that they might catch a cold or flu from other children or adults who are sick. Get infant medicine that has the same dosage as a 100mg tablet for adults since newborns cannot take anything more than that without having serious side effects. Investing in infant medicine is a good idea because it can be used several times throughout the infant’s life.

Infant Seat

Newborn babies are very fragile and might get injured or cry whenever they are seated on a hard surface. Get an infant seat that has good cushioning to make sure the baby is safe while she relaxes, especially during afternoon naps after waking up from a morning nap.

Infant Toys

Having at least a half dozen toys is good for babies since they love playing with various items, especially those that make cute or creepy sounds. You can also get stuffed animals to keep your newborn entertained during quiet times. Just make sure that none of the toys have small parts that might detach from the toy and pose a choking hazard.


Babies will need jammies to wear every night because they are too delicate for pajamas. If you have a baby shower coming up, then it’s best to get several packs of infant size two jammies so the parents can choose which ones fit their little one best.

Jogging Stroller

Strolling is one of the best exercises that you can do for your pregnant body, especially if it’s been a long time since you used to walk around a lot. A jogging stroller will let even sports enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of running with their infants in tow. Just make sure to pick a model that has an adjustable suspension system because the terrain may get bumpy while you’re running.


For new moms who want to be fashionable and cute without spending too much time on their clothes, then a kimono is a perfect choice. It’s great for casual wear and it can also be used as sleepwear or even as a blanket because of its generous size and soft texture.

Kitty Gowns

Kitty gowns are best for moms who want to dress their babies up in cute outfits without having to spend too much time choosing which items go well with each other. Just make sure that the kitty gown doesn’t have loose strings or ribbons because those can be choking hazards as well as tear easily if they get caught on an item of furniture.

Kitchen Utensils

Moms need to stay at home and take care of the kids because nursing or pregnant women need a lot of rest. However, staying at home all day can be boring even with a newborn baby to keep you company. Keep yourself entertained by cooking delicious meals with various kitchen utensils that you can get with your baby shower gift.

Leg Warmers

Newborns will need to wear several layers of clothes at night, especially if the family lives in colder climate regions. A great idea is to pick up some knit leg warmers that can be worn together with other clothes underneath for added warmth without adding too much bulk.


It might be a good idea to buy infant linens along with the crib because babies are very delicate and need soft sheets before they can sleep on their own without swaddling during cold nights. Just make sure to match the linens with the color of the crib, especially if the baby is a girl because you wouldn’t want to put pastel-colored sheets on a blue crib.


Newborns have very delicate skin that can get dry and itchy without proper care after taking a shower. Buy lotion with natural ingredients to nourish the skin of your newborn while keeping her comfortable whenever she’s clean or hungry from crying too much after waking up from her nap.


Newborn babies have a natural tendency to scratch themselves whenever they itch their face, which can be extremely dangerous whenever the fingernails grow out since those sharp tips can puncture the skin and cause significant wounds. Keep your baby safe from scratching herself by getting her a pair of mittens that she can wear even when she’s sleeping.


It’s recommended that moms keep their babies barefoot whenever possible to let them soak in the benefits of the earth’s natural magnetic field. However, this is dangerous in colder weather so it is best to get moccasins for your baby so she can wear something on her feet while still feeling connected with nature.


New Mom Checklist

Mobile can help entertain your baby when you’re busy doing other things so it’s a great idea to get one with different shapes and colors that will catch the baby’s attention easily. Just make sure to get a mobile that is safe for your infant to play around with because some models have small parts which might pose choking hazards.

Muslin Blanket

Muslin blankets are perfect for swaddling newborn babies because it is very soft, durable, and breathable. Swaddling will not only make your baby feel safe but can also help her fall asleep faster without the risks of SIDS if she gets too cold during sleep time.

Nursery Bedding Sets

A nursery bedding set will definitely make the baby’s room look warmer because of its soft colors and cute designs. A great idea is to get a themed nursery like stars or animals, depending on your baby’s unique preferences.

Nursing Bras

You can’t buy nursing bras during your first trimester because you might end up wasting money on an item that you’re not even going to use. However, it’s a great idea to buy nursing bras during your second trimester because it can be challenging for moms to find comfortable and affordable options when they are pregnant.

Nursing Pillow

These are very helpful for breastfeeding mothers because they provide a safe cushioning whenever the baby is feeding. It also makes it convenient to breastfeed her whether you’re indoors or outdoors because it supports the baby’s weight easily.


Moms can never have too many ointments in their stash because babies tend to get cuts and bruises very easily. Fill up your cabinets with different ointments, especially those that are made out of natural ingredients so you’ll know what you’re using on your child’s delicate skin every day.

Overnight Diapers

It’s a good idea to get overnight diapers because these are extra absorbent, which means they’ll be perfect whenever your infant has heavy bowel movements. Just make sure to use overnight diapers that your baby can easily slip on and off with no fussing whatsoever.


Some babies do better without pacifiers but those who use them will definitely benefit from having one whenever their parents can’t be around to tend to their needs. Just make sure to get the right size of pacifiers for your baby and always clean them thoroughly after every use because bacteria and mold can accumulate whenever they’re not washed properly.


Your baby will definitely need something to cover her up at night so it’s a good idea to get pajamas made of materials like cotton, wool, or silk. Just make sure to buy clothes that are bigger than your baby’s current size because she will most likely grow out of her old clothes quickly since they were only meant for temporary use.


Preferably the kind that is easily folded and unfolded. You can buy one or ask a friend for used baby stuff.

You may also need to get a car seat so you must ensure if it comes with another seat. If it does not, then you should head out and get yourself one especially if you plan on using public transport if you live in a busy area.


A lot of moms feel uncomfortable using cotton swabs when they are pregnant because it can cause damage to their vagina, which is why q-tips are the perfect alternatives whenever you need them. Make sure not to insert these inside your body though because some end up in hospitals due to infections caused by this method of cleaning the ears.


Robes are perfect for post-pregnancy days especially during the middle of winter when you need to get up from bed and attend to your baby without exposing too much skin. These robes come in various colors, which is why you can be sure that there’s a style that matches your personality at any time of the day.

Rocking Chair

This is best for new mothers who find it difficult to get up whenever the baby needs something. Make sure to put this in front of the TV or near the window so you can still enjoy entertainment while breastfeeding your child.

Sleeper Gown

These are perfect for moms who want something that they can easily put on whenever the baby needs a change of clothes or if she’s wet from being in her own urine and stool. It also comes with buttons that make it easy for new moms to hold their babies without having to worry about damaging their gowns, which is why this product is definitely a must-have during those early days.


Moms who find it difficult to stand for long periods of time can benefit from having slipper socks because they will keep their feet warm, safe, and comfortable especially if she’s spending the whole day cleaning the house or taking care of her baby.


You can never have too many socks since these items are bound to disappear easily. Babies love to suck on socks whenever they’re tired so it’s a good idea to buy a lot of these in preparation for your baby’s arrival. Just make sure that you only pick the right size because some tiny socks might


This is perfect for parents who enjoy running around the city with their baby girl or boy. It provides a safe means of transporting your child from one location to another without having to constantly carry her around wherever you go.

Swaddling Clothes

These items are very helpful for new moms who find it difficult to control the movements of their babies, especially when they’re sleeping. Make sure to get swaddling clothes with wide sleeves and a simple design so you can easily change them whenever your little one soils them.


Bath towels are the perfect items for parents who want to keep their babies clean all the time. Make sure that you don’t buy clothes that are too small because your newborn is bound to grow bigger in no time.


This is important because babies are more susceptible to having fevers because their immune system isn’t fully developed yet. It’s best to get a digital thermometer for this purpose so you can easily read the temperature whenever necessary.

Umbrella Stroller

This is perfect for moms who need something that they can carry around while shopping, traveling, or even when they need to walk around the city streets. These items are also very light so you can easily pick them up whenever necessary.

Vacuum Cleaner

Parents who don’t want to spend too much time on their cleaning chores should invest in a good vacuum cleaner with excellent suction power. This will come in handy whenever the baby soils her clothes or some food gets spilled on the floor.

Wallets and Purses

New moms who still need to run errands and go shopping for some essentials should invest in a good wallet that has ample space for cash, coins, and cards. You can also choose from different styles that match your personality so it’s easy for you to find the right wallet that will fit your lifestyle and needs.

Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags

You can never go wrong with having a lot of wrapping paper and gift bags on hand because you never know when someone might give you a baby shower gift. Make sure that you prepare these items before your friends show up so you won’t have a hard time wrapping gifts whenever they arrive at your doorstep.


Playing musical instruments is a good way for babies to develop their motor skills. Make sure that you choose a xylophone with soft mallets so your baby won’t accidentally get injured while playing with this item.

Yogurt Makers

When it comes to healthy snacks for babies, yogurt is always at the top of the list. It’s a good idea to purchase yogurt makers so you can easily prepare this healthy food for your baby. Yogurt is rich in nutrients and vitamins that are essential in promoting good health for kids.

Zippers, Buttons, and Velcro Closures

Some items such as sweaters, jackets, and pants have buttons, zippers, and velcro closures so you can easily put them on your baby. Make sure that these items are easy to detach because they might pose a choking hazard if it gets stuck in your child’s mouth or throat.

Ultimate Checklist for Mom to Be

A lot of first-time parents think that preparing for their baby’s arrival is a hard task, but the truth is it won’t be if you know what to expect. Get off on the right start by properly preparing your home before your baby arrives so everything will be ready for her whenever she gets here.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of items that will make your life as a new parent much easier! With the right set of baby essentials at hand, taking care of your newborn will be such a breeze. Remember to always brace yourself and know that we’re here for you whenever you just need to talk about things.

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FAQs about First Time Mom Checklist

  1. What do I need being a first time mom?

    As a first-time mom, you’ll need various items to ensure you and your baby are comfortable and well-cared for. This includes:
    Baby Essentials: Diapers, wipes, baby clothes, swaddles, a crib or bassinet, and baby blankets.
    Feeding Supplies: Bottles, breast pump (if breastfeeding), formula (if not breastfeeding), and burp cloths.
    Health and Safety Items: A first-aid kit, baby thermometer, and baby-safe toiletries.
    Comfort Items for Baby: A rocking chair or glider, baby monitor, and pacifiers.
    Personal Care for Mom: Nursing bras, comfortable clothing, postpartum care items, and a support pillow.

  2. What should every new mom know?

    Every new mom should know:
    Basic Baby Care: Changing diapers, basic infant CPR, and bathing techniques.
    Feeding Tips: Whether breastfeeding or formula feeding, understand the signs of hunger and proper feeding techniques.
    Sleep Patterns: Learn about infant sleep patterns and safe sleeping practices.
    Self-Care: The importance of taking care of yourself physically and mentally.
    Asking for Help: It’s okay to ask for help from family, friends, or professionals.

  3. What is needed for new baby?

    For a new baby, you’ll need:
    Sleeping Arrangements: A crib or bassinet, firm mattress, and appropriate bedding.
    Feeding Essentials: Depending on breastfeeding or formula feeding, gather necessary supplies like a breast pump or formula.
    Clothing: Onesies, sleepers, socks, and hats suitable for the season.
    Diapering: Diapers, wipes, a changing pad, and diaper rash cream.
    Transportation: A safe car seat and a stroller.

  4. What does a new mum need for herself?

    A new mum needs:
    Physical Recovery Items: Postpartum care supplies like pads, a perineal spray, and comfortable underwear.
    Convenient Clothing: Nursing-friendly clothes and bras if breastfeeding.
    Nutritional Support: Healthy snacks, plenty of water, and possibly supplements as recommended by a healthcare provider.
    Rest: Time to rest, possibly a comfortable spot for nursing or bottle-feeding, and support from family or friends.
    Mental Health Resources: Access to support groups, mental health professionals, or trusted friends and family for emotional support.

  5. How much money do you need for your first baby?

    The money needed for your first baby can vary greatly depending on lifestyle, location, and personal choices. It includes costs for:
    Initial Expenses: Nursery furniture, car seat, stroller, and baby gear.
    Ongoing Costs: Diapers, formula (if not breastfeeding), baby food, and clothing.
    Medical Expenses: Doctor visits, vaccinations, and any unexpected health issues.
    Childcare: If both parents work, childcare can be a significant expense.


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