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Home School Bubble

Home Schooling

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Lately, I’ve been having discussions on homeschooling and trying to protect little ones from exposure to negativity from the regular school system.

Many parents feel that by protecting children with homeschooling or sending them to school later children aren’t prepared for the “real world” and end up in a “bubble”. 

Dad Protecting Children

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I wanted to express my own feelings on the subject….

The idea that children need to be socialized at 2, 3, 4 and even 5 is absolute hogwash and baloney.

It’s CRITICAL to protect and nurture our young ones as much as possible. The world is a harsh enough place as is and introducing them to obnoxious or harmful behavior early is no way to foster esteem.

Children learn by example

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Children learn by example and by putting them in daycare and school at a young age is not an answer to socialization.

Many children have very difficult and abusive home lives, and with the large ratio of kids to teachers there’s no way for caregivers and teachers to regulate what’s going on.

Technology addiction

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And other children’s issues and projections are often going to be transferred to our children. That’s just the way it is. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with parents doing their very best to prevent this from happening. 

For parents that NEED to send their children to daycare or school early, that’s OK, and there’s no need to feel guilty.

Though, if you do have the option of keeping your child at home OR ARE sending them to school to give them a dose of the “real world” please think again. It may do them more harm than good.

Homeschool vs public school

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Your child will get a large dose of reality soon enough, introducing it too soon is not an enhancer of any sorts. 

Research reveals children don’t need to be socialized at 2, 3 and 4. If you observe a daycare for the day you will see that it’s often riddled with conflicts.

Young children don’t have self-control and there’s often more conflict over toys than actually playing. 

Controlling child's environment

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Instead of focusing on “doses of reality” we need to focus on a better world, and that may include controlling our child’s environment.

Just like not allowing teenagers to go to nightclubs before they’re ready. It’s the same with young ones. 

I will talk more about this later….

I would love to hear your thoughts!